Windows 10 First Impressions

Folks, I just don’t get it.   I don’t understand what has been so wrong with Windows 8 since it came out.   The only thing I ever found with it was that the Start Menu was different.   Is that really such a big deal that folks will just flat out not upgrade from Windows 7?   Windows 8.1 put a Start button back, which was actually nice, but the Start Menu was the same, and it still worked.

Windows 10 seems to be a lot about nothing to me.   There’s a newly-formatted Start Menu that is just like the Windows 7 one, but with an additional bar on the right to put some Windows 8-like Tiles on.   Cortana is now included, and the search with it is just a matter of saying “Hey Cortana” and it opens up, which is neat, but no big deal.   There are some other “upgraded” built-in apps that I don’t care about, like Calculator.

You can also resize “Modern” apps, which are the ones from Windows 8 that always showed up as full screen.    Those worked really well on a tablet, but sucked on a PC or laptop.   I really like the MSN apps (were known as Bing apps), but mostly on my Surface, since that was where the full screen “one-at-a-time” apps seemed to logically work.   Now that they’re resizable, that’s nice I suppose, but I don’t know why they aren’t just turned into regular windows that we always had.

I’m underwhelmed with Windows 10, but not because of anything wrong with it.   I’m underwhelmed because I’m yet to see the big problem with Windows 8/8.1, which I’ve been using since it came out in preview on all of my computers.   This just doesn’t seem like much of a jump from 8.1.   Yet another “different” Start menu and some updated junk apps.  Big deal.

Maybe the new Spartan browser will change my mind in the next release.   I doubt it, though, unless it somehow makes downloading Firefox or Chrome easier.

Written on March 9, 2015