I just read a pretty decent review of the Apple Watch at and the watch looks pretty cool.   The only thing I don’t really understand is why a person would want to carry two devices (the watch and the required iPhone) in order to get the same functionality that is already in the phone alone.

Maybe it would make sense to me if the iPhone became more of a simple, old-fashioned type flip phone that I could just drop in my pocket.   Give me a small device, like the one Zoolander had, and have it act as some kind of data aggregator/communicator that would send data to the watch, but let me just carry it as a phone.    For a man on-the-go (sitting in my house working all day is pretty on-the-go), the health monitoring, getting notifications from email, Facebook, and Yammer, and being able to tell the time, all from my wrist would all be really cool.   If I wanted more information, I could always pull out the tablet or laptop and get it there.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the smartphone and it took me several years to break down and get one.   I have it attached to my hand all the time now, I really would like to dump it.   It’s just kind of hard to do that when I depend on it for notifications from work.   Something like the pairing of a watch and flip phone would work great, though.   Maybe someone will come up with something in some Android flavor.  I doubt it, though, considering I think most people prefer smartphones.

Written on April 8, 2015