New Things

I like to think of myself as being open minded and willing to try new things.   As I’ve gotten older, though, I have become pretty set in my ways.   There are certain things I like and certain things I don’t.   Hopefully more likes than dislikes, but that’s for Jenny to know, as I sure don’t.

Yesterday I tried something I never tried before and was blown away at the result.   I have never been a vegetarian, but I think I eat my veggies and fruits.   I’m certainly not a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but I’m not some organic-only, non-GMO vegan hippy.   That cook Christina on PBS drives me crazy with her BS about organic, vegan, “health food”.   I don’t go to Whole Foods for anything other than the bakery or maybe the hot bar once a year.   When lettuce can be bought either organic or traditional, I buy traditional.   I like my chickens the size of turkeys of old, due to hormone injections or whatever.   I hope my corn kernels are as big as lima beans due to GMO improvements.

Yesterday, though, Jenny talked me into making a faux meatloaf with lentils instead of meat.   I’m on a bit of a diet right now because I’ve gained a few pounds over the past year, so I said OK and went with it.   The link to the recipe is below.   It’s basically ground up cooked lentils with meatloaf-like spices.

Holy crap.   While I can’t say I’ll never have real meatloaf again, since real meatloaf still rocks, this was pretty damn good.   I’ll make it again.   As a matter of fact, I’m thinking that if we ground all of the lentils into the mix, as opposed to mixing in one cup of them whole, then smash it down with a pan while it cooks, it might make one helluva gyro.   It might work to just make patties out of it to saute….not far different that felafel, really, other than the spices.

Written on March 17, 2015