New Helmet Mirror

I got myself a new helmet mirror last week.   I just ordered it off of Amazon for about $18, because I was in a hurry to get it and didn’t really feel like going to a bike shop for such a small item.

I got a Race Icon Helmet Mirror ( just from the reviews.   I got it and stuck it on my helmet, and it looked really blurry.   Later, I got an automated email from the company asking me to leave them a review on Amazon, and a big bold note telling me that there’s a protective film on the mirror that you just can’t see because it’s cut exactly the same as the mirror.   Sure enough, there it was…I scraped with my fingernail until I got a corner up and it came right off.   Now it’s as clear as can be.

Hopefully this works out well.   I’ve really gotten nervous without a mirror of some sort.   My other bike (the Kona Dew Deluxe I bought a decade ago) has flat handlebars and I have a mirror on the end of the left side.   That thing is awesome, and they make a similar one to go on drop handlebars that Jenny uses, but I didn’t want all that bulk on there.   It would’ve been handy, but probably get me made fun of by my cycling friends.   You know, add 10 grams to the bike is terrible, but adding 10 pounds from drinking too much microbrew beer is fine.

Anyway, I’m going out on my first ride with it tomorrow.   We’ll see if it helps.

Written on March 25, 2015