Moneyball with Microsoft

Just got back from the best “geek event” of my career.   Went to Redmond to meet with the Microsoft Windows team as a representative of “DevOps”.    It was like a focus group where we were asked what we wanted, things we struggled with, and so on, and they committed to working on it.   It was amazing.

Met some awesome people from both the Microsoft team and the customer group.   The group was like a cross section of the market, with some guys working in small companies, some in large, and from all kinds of markets.    One guy from Rackspace probably spins up more systems in a week than I will in my career, yet there were other guys there who worked in environments like mine.

I hope the follow ups go as we’ve discussed and that I can keep in touch with this crowd.   They all had great stories and seemed to be on the bleeding edge.   Guess I’m in good company.   :)

Written on June 26, 2015