Lack of Marketing

Jenny and I dumped cable about 2 years ago.   I bought and installed a small antenna on the roof, ran the coax from it down to our existing cabling, and plugged in the digital converters.    Yes, my TVs were that old.   They are still, but I have one that has the converter built-in.   Fancy.

That’s another story.   All told, I spent about $120 on the whole thing.   We get around 25 stations, including all the networks and more PBS than you can shake a stick at.  There are also oddball stations like MeTV, Retro, and some others that are neat.

Until we did this, I never realized how much time I spent around sports.   SportsCenter in the morning, some ball game on at night, and the Reds on Fox Sports Ohio just about every day.   This isn’t to say that I was glued to it, but I kept up with most of the sports news pretty darned well and could recognize all the players.   Getting rid of cable, though, eliminated almost all of it.   There are games of the week for NCAA basketball and football, and there’s NFL on Sundays, but that’s basically it.

Now I don’t follow any sport closely.    I even have quit reading for the pieces by Peter King, Andy Staples, and others.   The only sports guy I read is Joe Posnanski anymore, and that’s because I love his writing.

Save yourself a ton of money, get yourself and antenna and dump cable.   Between the networks and what you can get from Netflix/Amazon Prime, you don’t need anything else.   And you’ll give yourself a lot of time back in the day when you aren’t checking up on the latest sports news.

Written on March 18, 2015