Why has the Blog Moved?

It’s time to step up my game and have a “real” blog. I would never expect to ever get paid for what I write, but I’ve done a little blog for a couple of years now. (I will take money for my mad MS Paint skills, as evident from my logo.) I started blogging internally at Trek on our SharePoint system and eventually moved out to WordPress.com. Earlier this week, a colleague posted a list of blogs of interest and mine was one of just two that didn’t have a custom domain name, so I had to fix that. I got myself this sweet domain name and WordPress.com wants money for me to apply it, so I’m trying out this GitHub Pages system with Jekyll instead. I’ll keep my 50 bucks or whatever, thank you very much.

This is looking simple enough, though this Markdown stuff is new to me. The default site looks okay as a starter, but I’ll have to do something to theme it up a bit eventually. It is pretty nice to just type up my post in a text editor. All the WYSIWYG editors out there have left me cold.

Written on February 26, 2016