Digital Signatures

A few things about digital signatures:

  1. I absolutely don’t understand why a paper pusher would care if I fill in a form and just type my name, or if I somehow paste in a picture of my real signature.   Neither is notarized and there’s no proof that I did either one.

2.  If the form comes from my email address and I say “do it” or whatever in the form, that should be enough to prove to them that I want the form executed upon.

3.  THAT’S NOT WHAT A DIGITAL SIGNATURE IS TO BEGIN WITH!!!   A real digital signature involves a private and public key pair, that when combined, guarantee the authenticity of a document or file.   It’s a PKI thing and has nothing at all to do with someone’s handwriting.

4.  Email is considered valid enough that most companies have to keep it for a certain number of years for legal searches.   If it’s that valid of a method of telling someone what to do, it is valid enough to move forward with work without a specific form.

I’m done.

Written on April 14, 2015