DevOps - A "Revolution"? (Really??)

I ventured to a MeetUp with several other DevOps nerds last night.   Since it was one of our first MeetUps, the topic was “What is DevOps?” and was run by a couple of guys from Chef.   Basically, their story was that DevOps is a “cultural revolution in IT.”

Come on guys….let’s be real here.   This isn’t some cultural revolution.   We’re just IT guys who happen to actually work together and not really fuss about it that much.   We have the same tools and the same basic technologies we’ve always had.   The only difference is that instead of being part of an Infrastructure team OR a Development team, someone realized that it should be one person doing the work in the middle.   Infrastructure people should be thrilled that they finally get a seat at the development table, and developers should be thrilled that they finally get a seat with the infrastructure people.

It’s just work without the silos.   There’s nothing cultural or revolutionary about it.   Stop trying to think you’re more than you are.

Written on May 21, 2015