A Few Wishes:

  1. I wish I liked eggs. The look great, are cheap, quick, and pretty healthy. I just don’t like ‘em unless they are loaded with other goodies so I don’t taste the egg.
  2. I wish I liked fiction. I’ve read maybe 12 fiction books in my entire life, and only 1 was great. (Brave New World) Everything else was just a slog and I don’t enjoy spending my time that way.
  3. I wish I hadn’t gone dog-less for those few years without a dog. I think pets lower blood pressure…I really do.
  4. I wish data science had existed 20 years ago when I started in the workforce.
  5. I wish I’d had better career guidance to push me toward actuarial science back then, too.
  6. I wish I’d stayed at my first federal government job, which I started while I was still technically a student. I’d have been there 20 years and would have easily been a millionaire by now.
Written on August 13, 2019