Today's Workout

I’ve been going to the Boot Camp workout at the Y for about 9 months now. Tuesday and Thursday mornings, lots of reps with either light weights or body weight, plus a lot of cardio thrown in. The instructor shakes it up pretty regularly, with different exercises and different routines most days. Todsay, though, was a new high for difficulty.

We had 5 exercises on each wall, and each set of 5 was for a different body area. One wall for core, one for legs, one for upper body, and one general wall. There were also 5 cardio stations in the middle of the gym. You picked a wall to start on, did all 5 exercises there, then did the cardio, then picked a different wall. Pretty straightforward….20 total exercises plus 5 cardio stations.

We started with 30 reps of each exercise on the walls. When completed, we had a few minute break, then we started again and “only” did 15 reps, and actually removed 2 of the cardio stations.

Not including the cardio, this is everything I can remember:

LEG WALL: Walking Lunges Squat with touching the floor Toe grab squats Hamstring curls with a ball Squat with Alternating Leg Raises

CORE WALL: Bicycles Frankenstein Situps TRX Mountain Climbers TRX crunches Leg Raises

RANDOM WALL: Calf Raises on a step Bent over rows with a band Back Raises on a ball Left and right side standing leg raises

UPPER BODY WALL: Pushups Tricep Dips on Bench Bicep curls with band Upright Row with band Tricep raises with a medicine ball

Since I made it through both times, that means I did 45 of each of those within the hour. Let’s just say that I’m feeling it now. What a workout!

Written on March 23, 2017