Not a Cyclist

It’s official: after years of trying and training for and riding in long bike rides, I’m just simply NOT a cyclist. I don’t know why, but I have more mechanical issues than anyone possibly should. Flat tires. Broken chains. Handlebars needing retaped. I just can’t buy a break.

Today, just trying to get my bike on the trainer for the winter. I have one of those green trainer tires. I took the real tire off and put the green one on, then started pumping. I could hear it leaking. So I started over, took the green one off and just put the original tire back on with a new tube. Started pumping, and sure as shit, another busted tube.

I’m taking the wheel in to the shop tonight to get a tube installed and it’s going on my trainer permanently. I’m just done. It is obvious that someone or something is telling me, “Chris, you are not a cyclist.” I’m finally going to listen.

Written on November 1, 2019