Moving On

It took me a long time to finally bite the bullet, but I’m finally moving on from Trek. I’m off to Fusion Alliance to be a consulting DevOps Engineer! My first project is working with Sunrise Technology on their latest-and-greatest retail systems. Suffice it to say that basically everyone who goes into a Kroger is going to use something that I’m helping build out.

This is going to be interesting. We are going to be taking basically everything that Azure has to offer and putting it to use. IoT? Check. Machine Learning? Check. Infrastructure-as-a-Service? Check. Azure Devops? Check. We’re talking cutting edge tech, and I’m thrilled with the chance to be a part of it.

Trek was awesome. Without the tech that I got to work with both in my old Enterprise Systems role and in Ascend, my new role wouldn’t have been possible. Trek may have a big brand and be a “big company” in the bike world, but it’s still pretty small in the grand scheme. I cannot imagine getting to use the tech that I did at Trek at any other non-software company of Trek’s size. Not to mention, the flexibility to work at home, my introduction to working on Agile teams, and the training opportunities that Trek afforded me. And last but not least, the teams themselves were awesome. The people at Trek were always thinking outside-the-box to make new things, and when it came time to get shit done, they did so fast. There was a lack of bureaucracy at Trek that I know I won’t see again, and that enabled people to use their brains to come up with new things…which I think is the only reason Trek as an independent company is alive today.

Now it’s time for me to put on my nice new Johnston and Murphy shoes, my big boy pants, and a collared shirt, and get back to going to an office. I’m stoked about this change and can’t wait to see what happens on Monday!!!

Written on April 26, 2019