Time to Change My Media Consumption

The election is over, and I’m tired. I keep too up-to-date. I read the news via Huffington Post or a news aggregator like Google News or MSN News all the time. I watch the news in the morning on TV. When I’m out-of-town, I watch cable news in the mornings and some at night. I follow Facebook day and night. I get Time at home and read it basically cover-to-cover. I simply absorb too much information all the time.

It’s time to fix this. I’ve uninstalled the Facebook and news apps from my phone. I’m going to try VERY HARD to not read the news online at all and only check Facebook once or twice a day. I will continue to watch the news in the morning (CBS This Morning) and I will read Time magazine weekly. I am going to pick up a Sunday paper every week and read it.

I think that should keep me more than informed enough, without making my blood boil with online or cable news hysteria. It will also be taken in more manageable chunks. The only thing I can think of right now that will suck is that I won’t be able to upload pictures from my phone directly to Facebook. I can upload to Google Drive, though, and then share, so there’s a workaround, and that problem has nothing to do with the news.

Written on November 9, 2016