Cloud Storage and Relics

I was just kinda thinking last night and realized that there is one embarrassment that kids today will probably never have to face. Having their boyfriend/girlfriend over and have their parents show old pictures or videos of them.

My mom loved to pull out the old photo album and show old pictures of me to my friends. She would get a kick out of the baby pictures, especially the ones where I was in a tub getting my baths. I don’t know why. I do know that on TV, I’ve seen people roll their eyes over old home movies for much the same reason. I was fortunate in that my folks didn’t have a video camera, or it would’ve been worse.

But now, we basically catalog our lives in real time, and I am not sure that we are diligent about printing our photos. I don’t. I post on Facebook, folks comment and “like” them, and they are lost to the ether. And that’s only the pictures that I like. I have thousands sitting in cloud storage that will never probably be viewed again.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. Cloud storage is a growing business, and I bet most of it is to people who just cannot bring themselves to delete old photos and videos. Just this year I had to start paying for my storage, as I got over the 15 GB of free storage I could get. Now I am out $25 a year to get enough to cover me. I know there are people who download music and so on who have far more than me, and I know they horde their files and never go back to them. What a business cloud storage is!!

I should just make a Shutterfly album for each year. Spend some time getting the photos together that I like, put them in an album with some notes, and get it printed. That would actually be pretty cool when I get old, too. Something to pass to my kids. Sounds cheesy as hell, but old photo albums are really nice to have.

I guess I have my next long weekend plan. Unless I can talk Jenny into doing it for me.

Written on March 24, 2016