ChefConf Next Week

Next week is ChefConf and I am getting pretty stoked about it. Get to spend a few days around fellow geeks and hopefully come back with a boatload of new knowledge and things to try out in my environments. A few things I plan to look for:

  1. Tips on getting wider adoption of Chef or any other desired state system. It is not proving to be too easy here at Trek, as we seem to have problems settling on one product and even those never get fully rolled out. It may be due to time constraints (which is what everyone would say) or just a real lack of enthusiasm behind the technology or philosophy.

  2. I want to get more depth, either through the seminars or through networking, on Windows support and PowerShell DSC. I am really not going to ChefConf for Chef itself. I see myself more as a DSC user than a Chef user.

  3. It would be REALLY GOOD to see some talks around test-driven development and how to really do it. I get the main idea, but with the scripting I do, it just feels like so much extra work. I need more convincing.

  4. I need more t-shirts.

Written on July 5, 2016