Camera Thoughts

I won’t lie. I don’t have an opinion on cameras. I’m not a photographer at all. I do take a lot of pictures, though. I also just get a new cell phone, and one of the 2 main drivers was that my old one was too slow to really capture pictures quickly, and then they weren’t always that well-focused.

I never thought that I would take a lot of pictures. I never carried a camera around unless I was on a trip, and those were usually to Mardi Gras. I have a lot of pictures from New Orleans, but not really any others. It’s amazing how much the smartphone really changed that for me. Last count I have over 1000 pictures just on my Google Drive account, and that is only a year or two worth of them, as the others are all burned onto DVDs and stored elsewhere.

I really only take them now and upload the ones I like to Facebook. I can imagine when I have grandchildren just showing them the photo albums on Facebook, assuming Facebook is still around then. I guess that’s better than just sitting in the living room with a big book of photos.

Written on July 29, 2016